Our practice avoids bone substitute materials used by many surgical dentists. Since the establishment of our joint practice in 1990, our approach has consistently and very successfully involved regenerating atrophied jaw structures using bone material from the patient’s own body. By using optimal surgical techniques and innovative instruments, it is possible to treat most patients requiring bone grafting in our outpatient clinic.
In extreme cases of jaw osteoporosis, we have had the option for many years now to graft cancellous bone from the iliac crest or small pieces of bone from the anterior iliac crest onto the prepared section of jaw. This surgical procedure is carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation with an orthopaedic surgeon (Dr Vonderschmid) at the Dritter Orden hospital in Munich. For this procedure, the hospital stay lasts from Wednesday (day of operation) to Friday (day of discharge). Upon discharge, our patients are fully mobile and do not require any walking aids. The majority of our patients reported that they would choose this surgical procedure again as the post-operative stress was not as severe as they had previously expected.
Natural bone material is osteoinductive and therefore best suited to inducing bone regeneration. In the majority of all implants, skilful surgical techniques enable the removal of natural bone which can then be re-used during surgery. As part of our clinical training courses over the last years, we have performed these surgical techniques live on prepped patients in front of colleagues wishing to further their training.