Oral surgery

We offer the entire spectrum of oral surgery. This includes, for example, the removal of wisdom teeth, cysts, and destroyed teeth. Our main area of activity is bone reconstruction without artificial bone materials as preparation for dental implants. Another focus is gum surgery (periodontal surgery). We also perform preparatory procedures for orthodontic treatment, such as tooth exposure and tooth transplantation.

Precise surgical planning using three-dimensional digital X-ray diagnostics and the application of microsurgical techniques make gentle interventions possible. We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on our services in the entire field of oral surgery in order to plan your treatment individually and carefully.

If you wish, we can perform the necessary operations under sleep sedation in the presence of our anesthetist.


Case study #1
Wisdom teeth not worth preserving.

Preoperative initial situation with
displacement of the mandibular 8s.
Postoperative control image after fast,
gentle, and painless tooth removal.